Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 13, Rochor

One of the most complex projects ever to be undertaken in Singapore, Rochor has seen repeated stages of traffic diversions throughout its construction phase due to the relocation of the Rochor Canal.

A section of the North South Expressway will be stacked on the station's roof, and its tunnel will be built together with the Downtown Line. The station will have 2 entrances. Entrance B will feature 2 elevators on the southbound (SB) side of the road. On the opposite side of the road, the ventilation tower will be situated together with the main entrance A next to Sim Lim Square. An additional structure housing cooling towers for the station will also be located on this side of the road.

Overview of station box
Station roof
Platform of Rochor station
Cooling tower in the foreground
Cooling tower in the foreground

Entrance A in March
Entrance A in April
Entrance A in May
Entrance B
Entrance B close up
Mining subway connection from Entrance B to station concourse
Interface with station wall
C&C Tunnels to LTI
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