Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 8, Tan Kah Kee

Tan Kah Kee is the third and final station that was previously under Alpine. The completion contract has been renumbered to C918A and was awarded to SK E&C. Back at C915, SK had a rich experience in dealing with granite, both in station construction and in bored tunnelling, a great influence in the awarding of this contract to them as they would not only be able to operate and handle the Slurry TBMs and STPs with familiarity, but also immediately transfer their tunnelling manpower between both sites as 915 had then just completed their TBM works. Time was crucial in order to minimize further disruption to the project schedule.

TKK is working on its roof slab at the moment. The CCT has already completed its roof slab and backfilling is on going. The backfilled layer will be leveled with Hwa Chong's field and the land will subsequently be handed over back to the school.

Tunnelling Progress
S605 has advanced through the 600th ring and is currently beneath the POB at botanic gardens. Breakthrough should come within the next 2 weeks.

Cut and Cover Tunnels (North Section)
445m Cripple Siding Tunnel
Deep excavation and backfilling comparison:

March 2013 - Casting of tunnel wall
Cut and Cover Tunnels (South Section)

Gantry Crane
The south portion has not begun backfilling
Transition between CCT and station
Transition between CCT and station

Tan Kah Kee Station

C918A Accident Statistics board
Concreting the launch shaft after the completion of S604's drive

Special thanks to Alpine BeMo

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