Friday, 28 November 2014

Stevens Hacks D-wall

Following the final road diversion 2 months back, the project team has completed the demolishment of the temporary Diaphragm Wall beneath Bukit Timah Road. The temporary road deck has been removed and the team will begin to resurface the permanent road above the station. The road should be reinstated early next year. Architectural works on the station exit should commence around the same time.

Along Stevens Road, the T216 project of the Thomson Line is also working together with C919 Sembawang as both teams stage their traffic diversions simultaneously.

D-wall has been hacked beneath the road and earthworks for reinstatement is taking place
Superstructure of Stevens Station
Twin traffic diversions taking place between C919 and T216

Monday, 24 November 2014

November Tunnel Progress

November 13
TBM2 docked into the Upper Cross Street retrieval shaft earlier today. The completion of this Expo bound tunnel structurally links the network of DTL tunnels from Gali Batu to Bedok Reservoir on both bounds.

November 23
The BP Bound TBM has just launched at the Stadium Shaft towards Tampines Central. This is also the final TBM launch out of the Stadium Shaft. Breakthrough is estimated around Chinese New Year 2015.

For the month of December, we can look forward to the
- Breakthrough of Expo Bound TBM between Stadium Shaft and TPC (926)
- Breakthrough of BP Bound TBM between Prison Shaft and BDR (926)
- Breakthrough of Expo Bound TBM between UPC and XPO (923)

DTL3 tunnel progress as of Nov 23
C929A UBI Launch Shaft
Nov 13 - Breakthrough of C937 TBM2 at Upper Cross Street
C929A Bracing for CP Excavation

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bukit Panjang - Flyover

The new flyover above the Bukit Panjang station has taken much shape over the last quarter. The north side is mostly completed whilst columns have been casted on the south side. Spanning across the intersection junction, post tensioning works creates a cantilever for half of the peak span on the north side.

Majority of the photos in this update are contributed by 081828 from Skyscrapercity - whose contributions toward urban infrastructure are much appreciated. He will be a secondary contributor to occasionally aid in the updates of the Downtown and Thomson Line.

C912 Cut and Cover tunnel backfilling progress towards GBD
View of the C&C site and the flyover
Bukit Panjang Flyover north side

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Realigning Turf Club Road

Contract ER461 is a small road project that was tendered out at the beginning of this year. Awarded to Jupiter Builder at a contract sum of S$2.4m, the road project complements C917A by permanently realigning Turf Club Road so as to simplify the intersection design and make way for the bus bay at the future Sixth Avenue station's entrance B. Works commenced around 3 months back and are midway to completion.

The bus stop along Dunearn Road has been temporary relocated forward as the former bay lies in the path of the new road. The temporary bus stop will remain in place for another year or so until MacDow completes the permanent bus stop that will be integrated with the POB entrance. As part of the project, Dunearn Road will also be widened after the canal crossing at Sixth Avenue to extend the existing right-turning lane for the U-turn to Bukit Timah Road.

Casting for the POB landing's foundation had just begun this week. Across the road, escalators have also been lowered down the main entrance last week with yet another rare encounter.

Project information board displayed in prominence along Dunearn Road
Drawing of SAV B and the realigned Turf Club Road
New Turf Club Road

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Blackmore Drive Closes

At the King Albert Park site, a temporary road closure of Blackmore Drive has been implemented at 1pm this afternoon. The alignment of the existing diverted road decks above a portion of the site area where the station's entrance will surface. Formwork for the entrance's staircase has already reached the edge of the road and it is time to commence work on the superstructure.

The project team has scheduled the closure of Blackmore Drive to tie in with the entire duration of the December holidays to minimize inconvenience to the students from MGS. Access to Casa Esperanza and MGS will be re-routed using Old Holland Road and Wilby Road during this duration. The road has begun demolishment works at once. The original alignment of Blackmore Drive will reinstate back on January 1, 2015.

We thank our reader Marcus and LTA for contributing to this update.

Advisory signage erected prior to the rerouted roads along Bukit Timah Road 
Closure of Blackmore Drive

Friday, 14 November 2014

Linking the Gardens

Our 4th Quarter updates for DTL2 begins here at Botanic Gardens. Sembawang has been behind project timeline for the C919 project which translates into a seeming stagnation of progress on the superstructures. The site boundaries have recently been expanded towards the west to allow for a larger space for the construction of the vent shaft. A replacement walkway has been created over the grass patch near the underpass divider.

Formwork is almost completed on the superstructures' roof with concrete gaining strength. Architectural works should commence by December. Interior works have also intensified along the Circle Line station as the final stage of A&A works of demolishing a section of the existing plant room and false walls that will form the eventual underground paid linkage between both lines.

Hoardings within the paid area of the Circle Line concourse plastered this month

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

CD Drill - Tampines East

A safety drill organized by the Civil Defence and GS E&C was held at the Tampines East site today.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Watten Estate

The future entrance B of Tan Kah Kee station has begun to take shape along Dunearn Road. Spending the last 2 months on foundation works, piling and formwork for the staircase and lift shaft is completed. The project team progresses to work on the roof now as well as utility diversions and preliminary works on the foundation for the POB's intermediate column along the canal bank.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Tunnel Progress

Tunnelling milestones achieved towards the end of October:

- Launch of S761 from UPC to XPO EP bound
- Breakthrough of Expo bound TBM from Prison Shaft to BDR

October Tunnel Progress
FSC completed in BP bound tunnel between JLB and BCL this month