Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 14, Gali Batu Depot

Having achieved temporary occupancy permit, a pair of new rolling stock would progressively be delivered to the Gali Batu Depot every 1-2 months, sufficient to fulfill the required fleet needed to effectively operate Stage 2 of the line in 2 years. Alstom has begun to demobilize and dismantle the Gantry Cranes at the depot as track laying within the site completes.

A subsequent upgrade within the depot would see a new stabling yard constructed at the south side where the current staging area is, adding a capacity of 39 trains while a new bus depot is to be built on its roof. The new project is targeted to be completed by 2019.

12th and 13th DTL train delivered to the depot earlier this month
Future stabling yard to be located at this site
Dismantling of Gantry Crane

Dismantling of Gantry Crane

With thanks to Vino and Bharathi for the photos.


  1. "12th and 13th DTL train delivered to the depot earlier this month"

    Are you referring to sets 912 and 913 or 901 and 902?

  2. Mind elaborating on the bus depot?


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