Friday, 27 February 2015

Hume - Second Realignment

Another realignment has taken place at the Hume worksite. With the existing traffic layout in place, there is room to commence construction of both ventilation shafts, with the northbound shaft leading in progress. The 2 ventilation shafts will also serve as access points from the tunnels to surface for maintenance and emergency purposes. Photos in this update were taken on February 25.

Site of the south ventilation shaft where the recent realignment has taken place
North vent shaft alongside Hume Avenue

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hillview - Flyover Works

The permanent superstructures of the station entrances, vent shafts as well as the Flyover columns are becoming explicit in sight on the site surface. Another round of road diversion along Upper Bukit Timah Road was implemented at the end of 2014 to temporary run the city-bound carriageway alongside the Woodlands-bound road which was also realigned outwards. The end result diverts traffic to one side of the row of flyover columns for the temporary road deck above the station to be removed and reinstatement works to commence.

A smooth progression of beam launching works for the flyover columns is taking place in phases every few weeks, with another segment launched up along the southbound side this morning. The twin segment for the northbound side will also be launched in a few hours time. The northbound station entrance is currently sandwiched in between the 2 roads. Steel segments of the roof have been installed here. Photos in this update were taken on February 25.

Realigned Upper Bukit Timah Road alongside the completed flyover columns
The permanent POB at rail mall has opened in tandem with the recent realignment of UBTR. The former bridge has been demolished

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cashew - Preparations for Reinstatement

Yet another site along the Downtown Line 2 is anticipating reinstatement. The realignment of Upper Bukit Timah Road at Cashew Station would take place on the following Sunday, March 1. This includes the reopening of the former intersection with Cashew Road, and the bus stop along the city bound carriageway. In turn, the existing diverted Cashew Road will be closed.

The station is currently in the midst of final architectural finishing, with mechanical & electrical components such as CCTVs and lighting already installed. The aesthetics of the cooling tower has also deviated from the original render, with a touch of wave-like mix of the station's orange-themed livery.

Aerial view of the station entrance and reinstated junction with Cashew Road
Station Entrance
Cooling Tower

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

2 Tunnels To Go

The Expo Bound TBM has completed mining from the Stadium shaft and docked into the tail wall of Tampines Central station last night, concluding tunnelling works within the Stadium Shaft. The final BP and Expo bound tunnel remains uncompleted between the Prison Shaft and Tampines West Station. Site pictures of the Stadium Shaft were taken by Mith252 earlier this month.

February 1 - Remaining few precast ring segments on the shaft surface prior to the breakthrough 10 days later
TBM Tunnel Chart for DTL3, February 2015