Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 3, Hillview

Also part of the scope of works under C913 is the D&B of Hillview station. A recent road diversion has swung the NB carriageway away from the south, while the SB road now runs on the previous NB alignment. This allows for the construction of the station entrance and pillars for the future Hillview Flyover. Backfilling is in the process and works on the new flyover should expedite from the third quarter.

Platform of Hillview station in February
Contrast between the different road surfaces allows a comparison of the original traffic arrangement
Diversion of the NB road
Preparations to cast the flyover pillar
Overview of Hillview station
Future flyover landing on the Dairy Farm end
The station entrance will be constructed in front of MSM
View from Hillview Rd
Southern end of the flyover landing
Beam launching for the permanent POB were carried out last week
New beam segment. The length of the bridge gives an impression of the width where the future slip road and flyover splits
Both ends of the bridge will feature a ramp, a move possibly to promote accessibility along the green corridor
This section of Upper Bukit Timah Road would be widened by 2 folds once the flyover has been completed
With thanks to ECAS-EJ Consultants

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