Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 12, Little India

Little India (LTI) is one of the 4 stations that have commenced structural works at the surface. In fact, it is presently leading progress for the entire DTL2 with both entrances achieving Basic Structural Completion (BSC). Entrance 1 is located outside the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Headquarters, providing a new entry point to the station, while entrance 2 is being integrated with entrance B, providing swift access to the concourses of both the North East Line (NEL) and Downtown Line without having to detour around the paid area.

Contract 921 of the Downtown Line also involves the construction of the permanent Rochor canal and A&A works to provide barrier free access at the existing entrance A and C of the NEL. To date, the canal roof has been successfully completed while piling and excavation has begun on the lift shafts.

Concourse of LTI
Platform of LTI
Entrance 1 (Exit F)
Entrance 2 (Exit G)

Permanent canal in the foreground
Casting the roof of the canal in March
Surrounding has been concreted in April
Excavation of lift shaft for Entrance C
Piling across the road at Exit A
Integration of NEL and DTL exits
Integration of NEL and DTL exits
C&C worksite at the Verge

View from Rochor station to Little India
Beneath the surface
Backfilling in progress
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