Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 7, Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue is the second station to have its construction schedule affected by ex con Alpine declaring insolvency. Currently the station has its concourse slab cast. Backfilling could commence towards the end of the year after the roof slab is done.

Tunnelling Progress
The Expo bound TBM, S603 is on the outskirts of the station's boundary, 1-2 days from breakthrough. The BP bound TBM, S602 is over 700 rings and has just passed Maple Avenue. Breakthrough has been brought forward towards mid to end June.
Eng Neo storage site shared by C917, C918 and C919
Overview of Sixth Avenue
C917A site office and storage shed
Excavation down S-4 a year ago
Close up of concourse slab

Positioning of S602
Sixth Avenue road junction. Expo bound bored beneath lanes 1-2, S602 to come down lanes 3-4.
S603 will breakthrough beneath the road by this week
With thanks to Alpine BeMo.

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