Saturday, 17 May 2014

DTL3 Tunnel Progress

The second machine under Contract 927 has successfully completed boring the BP bound tunnel between BDN and BDR, docking into the station on the morning of May 15.

Tunnelling works are progressing well in this sector. We can look forward to numerous breakthroughs under C923A, C925, C926 and C929A by 2Q 2014.

C.M.C C927 Tunnel team
Tunnel Chart for DTL3, May 2014
April 20: C935 JLB-BCL (BP Bound), S769 at 341 Rings
May 15: C929A UBI-KKB (EP Bound), S686 at 644 Rings
Apr 21: C925 TPE-TPC (EP bound) TBM at 370 Rings
Contributors - Ponnarasu, Itsara & Justin

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