Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 11, Newton

Newton is the second station to have the surface structures up. The vent shaft is structurally completed while the entrance frame would commence following the final road reinstatement of the slip road in June/July. Contract 920 consists of the construction of Newton station, Halifax substation and its adjacent 4 tunnels. 

The tunnels leading towards Stevens immediately go into a stacked formation due to space constraints along the road corridor. As part of safety precautions, mid tunnel escape shafts are built along stacked tunnels to facilitate as a vertical cross passages. The entire DTL2 will only feature one ES, which is being built under this contract. The surface of the shaft had begun reinforcing bars for the entrance since March. The exit is now concreted and structurally completed.

Power is essential in the future operations of the Downtown Line. There will be 3 intake points - Gali Batu Depot, Expo and the Halifax substation. The massive building has been completed in 2013 and is visible beside KK Hospital.

Halifax Substation in August 2013
Escape Shaft in front of Ferrell Residences
Mid 2011 - Newton Circus was diverted to construct the diaphragm wall beneath the road 
17 April 2014 - Preparing to repeat the same traffic diversion 3 years later
2 May 2014 - TD successfully implemented once again for the hacking of diaphragm wall following structural completion

Ventilation Shaft
Ventilation Shaft
Station box completely backfilled. Earthworks on going.

Bukit Timah Road will be reinstated in about 2 months

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