Wednesday, 26 August 2015

King Albert Park Realigns (II)

Photos of the aftermath of Sunday's diversion is categorized in this second post. The current realigned section will temporarily operate a 3 lane carriageway with uneven curve settings until the road decking is removed and canal surroundings reinstated. 

The final reinstatement to the road should take place closer towards the end of the year, and would see the re-extension of the median divider in front of Maplewoods in addition to the opening of the remaining 2 carriageway, reinstating to the original capacity of 5 lanes.

Temporary uneven inclinations around the juncture of the former road deck and the realigned road

Saturday, 22 August 2015

King Albert Park Realigns

The 3 lane carriageway of Bukit Timah Road will be reinstated at the King Albert Park site come tomorrow morning. This realignment is one that has been eagerly anticipated by residents. The realignment has been brought forward from year end with great effort from the MacDow team. Blackmore Drive is currently temporarily closed over the weekend as the team cuts the temporary slope inclination that leads to the existing canal decking.

Frames for the drop off bay and permanent bus stop have been constructed, and the overall cladding and M&E works to the overhead linkway, as well as both entrances are almost completed.

Live progress of the reinstatement works
Completed drop off bay at the main entrance of the station.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Tan Kah Kee Clads (II)

Majority of the architectural works have already completed at the concourse and platform of the Tan Kah Kee station (photos were taken a month back). Cladding to the exterior superstructures like the entrance and overhead linkway is progressing, while structural steel segments for the roof of the permanent bus and drop-off bay have been installed on the site.

Photos on the surface will be updated next week. Interior pictures are provided by Ceramic Steel Alliance.

Platform of TKK station (July 2)

Friday, 7 August 2015

Botanic Gardens Station

The Land Transport Authority held a ministerial tour on the Downtown Line 2 between Little India, Botanic Gardens and the Gali Batu Depot yesterday for the announcement of the line's impending opening on December 27, as well as to provide an update on the rail report.

The new line, together with the existing operational stage 1, is expected to operate freely over the festive holidays for the first week upon opening.

The twin escalators at the platform of Botanic Gardens are one of the longest along the line