Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Day 6, King Albert Park

KAP is the first of 3 stations there were previously contracted under Alpine. The slowdown is this sector was due to the appointment of a completion contractor after the Austrian company filed bankruptcy. The station's surface is densely decked due to space constraints, hence minimal vantage point beneath.

This station will feature 2 entrances. An entrance and the ventilation shaft will be constructed along Dunearn Road, while the main exit will be positioned in front of The Sterling. The concourse slab is in the process of being cast. The subway linkage beneath the road is also in the process of mining. The site for the Dunearn entrance had only begun clearing within the past 6 months, prior to which utility diversions were going on. This will be the last structure along DTL2 to be excavated.

Overview of  KAP station
Acoustic noise shed in front of Maplewoods

Main entrance to be sited beneath the current Blackmore Drive
Second entrance to be located before Yarwood Ave (bottom left), Vent shaft located in the left background
Looking south
Canal deck landing to the North

Vent Shaft location
Launch shaft for S602 and S603 within the shed


  1. Hi for dt6 kap will there be access on sidewalk besides Maplewoods condo to station? Or traveller will have to cross Blackmore drive ?

    1. Hi Milton, sorry we took so long to get back to you. After checking, KAP station will have one entrance from the underground station located next to The Sterling condominium. An overhead bridge will link commuters to the Dunearn Road side. So it looks like there will not be any entrance directly outside Maplewoods condo. Do look out for the maps of the DTL2 stations that we will be producing soon. Hope that helps.

    2. Hi Jon, bit sad to hear that as a side entrance from surroundings of Maplewoods would be very useful. But thanks so much for the info. Find your blog very informative with lots of timely updates. Keep it up:)


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