Friday, 31 October 2014

Geylang Bahru progress

Over at Geylang Bahru station, progress has been quick with the station reaching the mezzanine level. Following the casting of this level, the station roof slab will be cast. Like Expo and Tampines East stations, concrete pumping was on going during the Deepavali public holiday.

September 2014 - Casting of the mezzanine slab.
Photo credit - Wong Hor Kin.

September 2014 - Casting of the mezzanine slab.
Photo credit - Wong Hor Kin.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tampines West progress

Tampines West station has only begun excavation work recently, unlike its counterpart and twin station Tampines East, which has already begun casting the station structure. The ground on which the station is sited is made of sand though, which can explain the slower progress to ensure minimal movement of the neighbouring HDB block. However, the saving grace is that sand is easier to excavate than harder granite so excavation can be done pretty quickly. Like its sister station, Tampines West was also planned with 4 exits although only 2 have been approved for construction.

Ground level plan of Tampines West station.

Concourse level plan of Tampines West station showing all 4 exit connections.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Upper Changi & Tampines East progress

Following the line down from Expo station, we passed by Upper Changi station. As there aren't many viewing points for this station, not much is known about the progress.

Having passed through Upper Changi, the line cuts through Tampines East. From the nearby HDB blocks, one can look deep into the excavation trench. Part of the tunnel walls are up at the cripple siding cut-and-cover section just to the west of the station. Concrete pumping was still going on despite the fact that it was a public holiday. Additionally, work for entrances C and D have commenced with the clearing of land. These additional entrances were designed as part of the station though they were only approved for construction at a later stage after the main station had commenced construction. As such, these entrances will open later than the station itself, some time in 2018.

Tampines East station seen from Avenue 7. The area in front of the HDB block is being cleared for Exit C.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Expo's roof slab

On Deepavali 2014, the team was busy running around gathering some updates and information to bring to you. We start at the eastern end with Expo station where works, as rightfully should be, were fully underway. The Samsung team here has made decent progress and the roof slab for some parts of the station is being done. It seems that original plans for the station have been modified and it would now include a paid linkway to the Changi Airport Line station. Most part of this station is built via the top-down method which means that casting of the station structure starts at the bottom. To have the structure near the top being built, it means that the basic structure is at a fairly advanced stage of construction.

Expo station site looking towards the over run tunnel and Expo facility building.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

C935 and C936

Recently, the LTA released a set of photos on Facebook showing the under-construction Bencoolen station. You can view the post here.

TBM cutterhead with cutter discs being removed. The TBM shield skin will be abandoned here and tunnel ring cast within.
This is what the TBM looked like before.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

DTL2 Trackwork - Final Phase

Trackworks along the Downtown Line 2 are at it's final stage along the final uncompleted sector between Beauty World and Botanic Gardens. As of now, the Expo Bound track has been laid up to the cripple siding at Tan Kah Kee. Being the last tunnel to finish excavation, trackworks have only just entered the BP bound tunnel between KAP and TKK after having completed the FSC. A recap of the final tunnel breakthrough can be found here

The laying of tracks are expected to complete by year end, while the second stage concrete and system wide contract (SWC) works possibly drag on into early 2015. While these works are being carried out, the client plans to create a control point at Little India for the operator to begin testing of the line from the existing operational Stage 1 to Botanic Gardens in an effort to minimize time loss to the project. This update show the progress of the BP track. The expo track was earlier updated at Sixth Avenue.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Rochor receives a roof

Since our previous update in August, work has moved swiftly that another update is warranted. Most notably is that Entrance A next to Sim Lim Square has received the roof framework and will begin installation soon after.

Entrance A with the metal roof frame.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

C910A by CTCI

As mentioned in the previous post on Bedok North, CTCI is the trackworks contractor for stage 3 of the Downtown Line. Works have already begun on site for the laying of tracks along stage 3, beginning with the immediate vicinity of Bedok North. This will be a hub from which all tracks along stage 3 are laid. The other Temporary Staging Area (TSA) will be located at Bendemeer station where the former tunnel works staging area has been cleared (more later on).

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bedok North station overview

Bedok North station is one the more easily accessible sites to view and always provides a good opportunity to see the full scale of work that goes into building an MRT station. As such, it is probably one of the stations along stage 3 of the Downtown Line that we've updated the most frequently. Several changes have taken place at the station site since our last update almost 6 months ago.

Aerial view of the Bedok North station site, also including the staging area for contract 910A

Friday, 3 October 2014

Kaki Bukit station progress

Kaki Bukit station has seen tremendous progress since the last update almost a year ago. This station is being constructed by the top-down method, where the roof slab is constructed and excavation proceeds downwards, concurrent with the casting of the various slab levels. Additionally, all four connecting tube tunnels have been successfully completed and connected to the station. The tunnels towards Bedok North station have also been topped off with the first stage of concreting which enables the tunnels to proceed on to the next level of fit-out.

Aerial view of the length of the site.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

C925 road diversion

C925 road diversion video by our friends at Hirose (Singapore). All credits to Hirose (Singapore) Facebook.