Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 9, S603 Breakthroughs

At last, the entire DTL2 is structurally linked underground. S603 has came a long way from King Albert Park, tunnelling the 1.3km long Expo Bound tunnel before successfully docking at the Sixth Avenue station on Thursday morning (May 8). A short timelapse of the machine from delivery point is featured in this update. Photos of the breakthrough will be updated in the subsequent tunnelling progress posts. The next breakthrough of S605 is estimated to take place at BTN within the next 10 days.
DTL2 Tunnel Chart for early May
Update preview - C917 TBM Launching Ceremony

Dec 14 2012 - Cradle is positioned for S603's launching
Dec 18 2012 - Delivery of Tail Shield from Eng Neo to launch shaft at KAP
Lifting the shield up into a vertical posture before lowering it into the shaft
Shield now being lifted upright
Dec 20 2012 - Screw conveyor & segment erector gets delivered onto the shaft
Preparing to lower down
Lowering into the launch shaft
Positioning it into S603's launch cradle 
Dec 30 2012 - Assembly of both TBMs through New Year's Eve (L:603 R:602)
S603 is the first to have the reaction frame installed
Close up of S603
Close up of S603
Jan 29 2013 - TBM launching ceremony (Though the Initial Drive only commenced 2-3 months later)

Tunnelling Completes
With great appreciation to Lorenz for the photos.

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  1. Can you update DTL2 tunnelling progress, especially S605? Btw, where is S605 now? How many more rings to breakthrough?


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