Friday, 31 January 2014

Stage 2 update January 2014

A month has passed since we entered into 2014 and this provides a good chance to look back at the progress over the stage 2 stations thus far. On the whole, the stations are progressing swiftly towards completion in 2016. It was reported in December that "Several stations have achieved basic structural completion for electrical and mechanical installation works to begin and this will be progressively achieved at all 12 stations by mid-2014". It is notable that most station structures are taking shape decently, with several showing signs of reaching the final levels where the entrances and exits pop up.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Descending into Newton

The final set of escalators were installed at the main entrance of Newton station on Monday. A significant milestone as part of the mechanical fittings, the station is one step closer to completion.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Volunteer submission: Tampines East

We'd like to thank Felix Tay for his submissions on the Downtown Line (DTL) construction. Featured in his shots is the Tampines East station showing the progress at the site. The gantry crane is visible, being used to send tunnel segments down into the launch shaft as well as lift out spoil that is being excavated.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

JJK to reopen, Alstom to proceed

Tomorrow would see the the re-opening of Jalan Jurong Kechil, 13 months after having been closed while main contractor McConnell Dowell facilitated subway works beneath the original junction. This subway will link to the future entrance outside BTFC.

With the road realigned back, there will not be obstructions between the TSA holding site and the launch shaft. Movement of trackwork materials would be at ease. We expect trackworks to begin at Beauty World from Q2 onwards.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tunnel Update

An overview of the progress of the remaining tunnels for stage 2:

C917A S603 at 530 rings (Jan 24, ~54% completed) TBM is progressing at a whopping speed of 10~12 rings each day. Tunnelling could complete within the next 2-3 months. 
603 beneath the junction of swiss club road
S602 over 200 rings. Soil improvement works are being carried out outside the Nexus.

S604 at 467 rings (Jan 21, ~71% completed) 
TBM is now under PUB's DTSS, grouting works have ceased near the slip road. Expected breakthrough early March.

S605 at 294 rings (Jan 22, ~44% completed)TBM has crossed the canal and is edging along Dunearn Underpass. Expected breakthrough mid March
S605 route
TBM churning beneath the canal
S608 at 184 rings (Jan 23, ~87% completed)
28 Rings to go. Expected breakthrough after CNY.

Track Updates

With great success from the tunnelling chart, here's a second diagram made to illustrate the progress of tracklaying along the line. As of now Alstom has already laid tracks past Cashew and Newton stations.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Mining method for cripple siding

A cripple siding is an extra track that is used to facilitate withdrawal or storage of trains that are not part of revenue service. For instance, trains that are on standby for emergency situations as evacuation trains or trains that are faulty and not fit for passenger service. The Downtown Line has several cripple sidings along its 42-km route length and most are constructed using the open cut technique, known as cut-and-cover (the process of excavating the earth - cut; and subsequently back-filling over the completed tunnel - cover). However, there lies one section of cripple siding that is being constructed using the mining method.

Cripple siding near Bedok North station

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Settlement above S604

C918A tunnelling route
A section of Bukit Timah Road caved in at 1.30am on Friday. Grouting has completed since last night, however compressing works will take place to stabilize the ground. The tunnel team will be cautious as they approach the 3 main structures within the influential zone - Bukit Timah Underpass, Farrer Flyover and the DTSS. S604 is now at 433 rings.

Farrer to Bukit Timah slip road closed

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Inside Beauty World in December

Beauty World station is also one of the sites that will be a Temporary Staging Area (TSA) for track works. As such, the station needs to be structurally completed before track works can commence, similar to how Little India has been substantially completed prior to the commencement of track works. Here's a look inside Beauty World station at the end of December.

29 December 2013 - A view of the track bed within the
station looking nothwards to the crossover

29 December 2013 - The pipe you see is to deliver concrete to the track bed for first stage concreting
that will form the bed on which tracks will be laid.

Photo credit - Ye Htwe

Friday, 10 January 2014

DT4 sneak peek

Map by LTA

Have you ever wondered where the code DT4 went to? Well, we explain more after the jump.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

DTL2 January Tunnelling Overview

C918A diagram (1) from TKK launch shaft

An overview of the progress of the remaining 5 tunnels for stage 2:

S604 at 405 rings (~61% completed)
S605 at 209 rings (~31% completed)

S608 at 105 rings (~51% completed)

2nd route of grouting on S603 has completed. 602 is now going through its first round of soil improvement works near The Cascadia POB. Right lane of the corridor road has been temporarily closed to facilitate space for the site works.

I'm expecting S608 to be our next breakthrough at Queen St next month, followed by S604 at BTN.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

DTL3 January Tunnelling Progress

Tunnel chart for DTL3, January 2014
View of Ubi launch shaft under C929A. From left to right: TBM3, TBM2, TBM4 (Reception tunnels physically emerge between the mainline tunnels, however illustrated otherwise on the chart for simplicity)
Photo credit - Chalermdech Wattanakijyingyong
2014 will see an the main bulk of TBM breakthroughs for stage 3. To start off, almost all the 29 machines have launched to the best of our knowledge, with the remaining 2 at Prison Shaft and JLB to presumably launch at the latest by this Quarter. We will be looking out for breakthroughs at TPW, KKB and CNT soon.