Sunday, 12 October 2014

DTL2 Trackwork - Final Phase

Trackworks along the Downtown Line 2 are at it's final stage along the final uncompleted sector between Beauty World and Botanic Gardens. As of now, the Expo Bound track has been laid up to the cripple siding at Tan Kah Kee. Being the last tunnel to finish excavation, trackworks have only just entered the BP bound tunnel between KAP and TKK after having completed the FSC. A recap of the final tunnel breakthrough can be found here

The laying of tracks are expected to complete by year end, while the second stage concrete and system wide contract (SWC) works possibly drag on into early 2015. While these works are being carried out, the client plans to create a control point at Little India for the operator to begin testing of the line from the existing operational Stage 1 to Botanic Gardens in an effort to minimize time loss to the project. This update show the progress of the BP track. The expo track was earlier updated at Sixth Avenue.

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