Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Expo's roof slab

On Deepavali 2014, the team was busy running around gathering some updates and information to bring to you. We start at the eastern end with Expo station where works, as rightfully should be, were fully underway. The Samsung team here has made decent progress and the roof slab for some parts of the station is being done. It seems that original plans for the station have been modified and it would now include a paid linkway to the Changi Airport Line station. Most part of this station is built via the top-down method which means that casting of the station structure starts at the bottom. To have the structure near the top being built, it means that the basic structure is at a fairly advanced stage of construction.

Expo station site looking towards the over run tunnel and Expo facility building.

View of the work area on top of the station excavation pit.

Below the temporary decking you can see the concrete structure of the station coming up.

Concrete pumping works on going.

A view of the works going on right next to the Changi Airport Line Expo station.

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