Sunday, 5 October 2014

C910A by CTCI

As mentioned in the previous post on Bedok North, CTCI is the trackworks contractor for stage 3 of the Downtown Line. Works have already begun on site for the laying of tracks along stage 3, beginning with the immediate vicinity of Bedok North. This will be a hub from which all tracks along stage 3 are laid. The other Temporary Staging Area (TSA) will be located at Bendemeer station where the former tunnel works staging area has been cleared (more later on).

Bedok North TSA
The western end of the work site has been handed over to CTCI following the backfilling of the launch shaft and cut-and-cover tunnels there. A shed has been built and two gantry cranes lie waiting for installation. The actual access shaft to the tunnels lie quite a distance away from the work shed which will most likely facilitate locomotive maintenance.

The work shed at the site of the former launch shaft.

More work sites for contractor CTCI to utilise. This will facilitate track laying from approximately Mattar to Expo.

Part of a track switch being pre-assembled before being installed in the tunnel itself.

The end of the track switch section.

Concrete sleepers and trackside cable troughs.

Workers in the work shed area. Note the two tracks within the shed itself.

Part of one gantry crane to be installed.

Track sections, locomotive tracks to t, two gantry cranes and the tunnel access shaft.

Another view of the track switch section.

Bendemeer TSA
The Bendemeer site will occupy the former tunnel works staging area which is next to the station site. As Bendemeer station features a cut-and-cover crossover tunnel similar to Bedok North, it is expected that the track access shaft will be located here as well.

Dismantling the decommissioned gantry crane at the tunnel works staging site.

Preparation of the site for handover to contractor CTCI.

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