Friday, 3 October 2014

Kaki Bukit station progress

Kaki Bukit station has seen tremendous progress since the last update almost a year ago. This station is being constructed by the top-down method, where the roof slab is constructed and excavation proceeds downwards, concurrent with the casting of the various slab levels. Additionally, all four connecting tube tunnels have been successfully completed and connected to the station. The tunnels towards Bedok North station have also been topped off with the first stage of concreting which enables the tunnels to proceed on to the next level of fit-out.

Aerial view of the length of the site.

The station is expected to commence backfilling this year, where the soil is placed back over the completed structure. In view of this, we will try to cover the station once again at the year's end to keep track of the progress against the projected timeline.

Aerial view of the eastern end of the station. The protruding portion at the top is where Entrance A will be.

A service trench was built along the middle of the site to house utility pipes and lines during the station's construction.

A close up of the area where Entrance A will be.
Scaffolding in the Entrance A area

Rebar being installed where the escalators and stairs will sit once done.

Pieces of air duct sitting and waiting for installation.

An overview of the expected works in the years to come

Part of a circular by the contractor

Till the next update for this station, we look forward to more progress.

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