Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tampines West progress

Tampines West station has only begun excavation work recently, unlike its counterpart and twin station Tampines East, which has already begun casting the station structure. The ground on which the station is sited is made of sand though, which can explain the slower progress to ensure minimal movement of the neighbouring HDB block. However, the saving grace is that sand is easier to excavate than harder granite so excavation can be done pretty quickly. Like its sister station, Tampines West was also planned with 4 exits although only 2 have been approved for construction.

Ground level plan of Tampines West station.

Concourse level plan of Tampines West station showing all 4 exit connections.

A view into the excavation pit which has reached strut level 4.

Excavation near the road junction which shows a large amount of sand inside the excavation pit.

An excavation pit right outside the HDB block showing the proximity which requires extra care to ensure the stability of the apartment block. The contractor also has to contend with utility diversions (black and white pipe) at the same time.

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