Monday, 6 October 2014

Rochor receives a roof

Since our previous update in August, work has moved swiftly that another update is warranted. Most notably is that Entrance A next to Sim Lim Square has received the roof framework and will begin installation soon after.

Entrance A with the metal roof frame.

Additionally, the future underground infrastructure - the future North-South Expressway (NSE) tunnels - which sit on top of the Rochor station roof slab have been completed. The completed expressway tunnels can be seen clearly just metres below the street level. We expect that work to demolish the concrete beams will begin some time soon once all other underground equipment has been removed.

Cooling tower and backfilling works in the cooling tower shaft.

Station access shafts with the roof of the NSE tunnel clearly visible.

NSE tunnel roof in the former launch shaft area.

Entrance A.

Close up of roof frame.

The design for Rochor station has been influenced by the electrical circuit, thanks to its location next to Sim Lim Square.
A render of the final design of Rochor Entrance A.
Dramatic lines will resemble lines on a circuit board at the entrance.

Excavators backfilling in the cooling tower shaft.

Entrance B along Sungei Road.
A render of the completed Entrance B along Perak Rd.


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