Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Upper Changi & Tampines East progress

Following the line down from Expo station, we passed by Upper Changi station. As there aren't many viewing points for this station, not much is known about the progress.

Having passed through Upper Changi, the line cuts through Tampines East. From the nearby HDB blocks, one can look deep into the excavation trench. Part of the tunnel walls are up at the cripple siding cut-and-cover section just to the west of the station. Concrete pumping was still going on despite the fact that it was a public holiday. Additionally, work for entrances C and D have commenced with the clearing of land. These additional entrances were designed as part of the station though they were only approved for construction at a later stage after the main station had commenced construction. As such, these entrances will open later than the station itself, some time in 2018.

Tampines East station seen from Avenue 7. The area in front of the HDB block is being cleared for Exit C.

Exit B area.

Part of the cut-and-cover tunnel to the west of the station.

The tunnel roof slab has been completed here.

A view into the cut-and-cover trench. The portion in the middle has the tunnel roof completed while that on the left has not yet had the tunnel roof cast.

Rebar can be seen for casting of another slab level.

The area in Tampines Junior College has been cleared, probably to facilitate the construction of Exit D.

The station excavation pit along with the area for Exit B.

The main station with Exit A and Exit B to be completed in 2017 can be seen. Additional Exit C and Exit D will be done by 2018 only.

Exit B area.

Area cleared for Exit C and Exit D.

We obtained several documents last year that show the layout of the station together with the provisional Exits C and D. This is how they will connect to the main station box.

The station footprint at ground/street level. The outlines of Exits C and D (provided for but not part of the main station at the time this document was produced in 2011) can be seen.

Plan of the concourse level showing knock out panels towards Exits C and D.

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