Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bedok North station overview

Bedok North station is one the more easily accessible sites to view and always provides a good opportunity to see the full scale of work that goes into building an MRT station. As such, it is probably one of the stations along stage 3 of the Downtown Line that we've updated the most frequently. Several changes have taken place at the station site since our last update almost 6 months ago.

Aerial view of the Bedok North station site, also including the staging area for contract 910A

A large portion of the cut-and-cover tunnels which see the main line tunnels connect to the reception track to Tai Seng Facility Building have been covered up now. Only small access shafts remain for contractor CTCI to begin trackwork on this stage. Unlike stage 1 and 2, stage 3 will see trackwork come under a separate contract - contract 910A and as such, a separate contractor - CTCI - instead of Alstom which is working on the western sections. Backfilling work is still on going and creeping closer to the station itself. Casting work was also underway at the crossover point in the tunnel.

Backfilling over the cut-and-cover section tunnels

Backfilling by compaction of soil over the tunnel roof

The progress of the backfilling works

A large section of the site has been set up for CTCI to use as a temporary staging area (TSA) for trackworks. There are two such sites along stage 3 as opposed to stage 2 which has seen 3 sites. Other than Bedok North, the other TSA for stage 3 will be located at Bendemeer station. Do look out for more on CTCI's contract in our post tomorrow.

Station site in the foreground while trackworks staging area is in the background

The station itself is progressing upwards steadily. The concourse level is being cast and when done, the roof slab will follow, after which backfilling work can commence. The station is located slightly deeper than other stations nearby so it will take a bit more time before they finish off the complete structure.

Walls for rooms at the concourse level. Bedok North is a two level station.

Casting for the permanently diverted storm drain.

Rebar for the Entrance A slope where the escalators and stairs will sit once done. Skin wall will be built to the right.

Entrance B site and launch shaft that was handed over to contract 927 by CMC di Ravenna.

As in our previous update on Kaki Bukit station, we look forward to another round of updates at the end of the year to see the level of progress at the station.

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