Sunday, 15 March 2015

Little India Clads

Cladding works have been on-going at the Little India station for several months of which the architectural finishing to the entrances, in addition to the ceiling of the concourse and platform levels, have completed. The site has also undergone some reinstatement works, with a portion of the Land Transport Authority office carpark reinstated beside the entrance. Casting is on going to cover up the TSA shaft and we can expect backfilling works from the next quarter.

This is a joint update with the C921 Ssangyong FB.

Mar 13 - Completed entrance
Jan 27 - Cladding of ceiling completed with M&E installation
Jan 5 - Platform with CCTVs installed down from the ceiling
Jan 27 - Platform
February - Concourse
February - Platform
Dec 15 - Reinstatement of LTA carpark
Mar 13 - Entrance closeup
New lift to the existing NEL entrance at Zhujiao Mkt
January 2 - TSA shaft
February - Permanent canal
February - cast in situ box culvert for permanent canal
Integrated entrance with NEL
Standalone entrance at LTA HQ office

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