Tuesday, 3 March 2015

King Albert Park Soars

Significant changes have taken place at the King Albert Park site where WK and I monitor the day-to-day progress upon passing by the site. Following the reopening of Blackmore Drive, Reinforced Concrete (RC) works on the entrance's superstructure has been on-going over the last 2 months. Casting has almost reached the ceiling of the second level, where the cooling units have been delivered and fitted.

Beside it, the staircase connecting the ground level to the future POB is also completed, and columns for the exterior of the mega entrance are going up. Formwork and falsework for the POB's intermediate column along Bt Timah Rd is also evident to the eye on site.

Entrance B
Across the road, piling works for the POB landing along Dunearn Rd took place over a span of 2 weeks towards the end of January, and the foundation is believed to have since been completed. We believe superstructural works on Entrance B will commence by the end of this month upon the completion of its sister entrance further down at the Sixth Avenue site. Photos in this update were taken on February 25.

Cooling units fitted into the second level of the superstructure (seen behind the second tree to the left)
RC works for the exterior entrance columns and staircase leading from ground level to the future pedestrian overhead bridge

Crane with the boom extension
Piling works completed at Entrance B
Timbre formwork for the soffit of the POB secondary beam along Bt Timah Rd which takes 3-4 weeks before striking can occur
Main entrance structure viewed from the reinstated Blackmore Drive
Entrance B at Sime Darby
March 6 - KAP
March 6 - KAP

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