Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tan Kah Kee Superstructures

Reinstatement works are coming up along the boundaries of Hwa Chong Institution at the Tan Kah Kee site. The site office has been demolished, while hoardings are progressively being taken down and site clearing has commenced. Our friends under the project teams from C917A and C918A are currently under immense pressure to make up for loss time as we enter the final 12 months before the Downtown Line 2 opens. We review the progress of the numerous superstructures that have emerged on the site. 

*Our updates for Botanic Gardens, Stevens, Newton, Little India and Rochor will be posted at a later date.

1. Main Entrance/ Bridge Integration
The main entrance has successfully achieved basic structural completion. The entrance, which is constructed entirely of reinforced concrete, will be integrated with the pedestrian overhead bridge through a secondary structure which is in the process of being constructed.

February 25 - Main Entrance and Station Vent Building

A recap of how the integration will look like - Credits to Ong & Ong
March 6 - The structurally completed entrance standalone

2. Entrance B & Pedestrian Overhead Bridge
Piling works for the columns along the canal bank (Bt Timah side) completed within 3 weeks last month. Steel formworks were used to cast the columns and the structure has completed since then. With this, all the intermediate columns and cross heads along the canal bank have been completed and we can expect beam launching works in the next quarter.

Where Bt Timah Road was recently diverted to facilitate the construction of the columns, reinstatement works have commenced, with new road guard rails constructed to prevent physical damage on the columns from traffic. We can expect the road to be realigned for good by the end of March.

Febraury 18 - Entrance B
February 25 - Entrance B and POB Columns
Febraury 25 - Entrance B
March 6 - completed POB columns and constructed road guard rail
February 25 - Entrance B and POB columns

3. Station Ventilation Building
The ventilation building for the station is located at the corner of Duchess Road and Bukit Timah Road. RC works commenced about 2 months back and casting works just took place recently last week.

February 25 - Existing temporary POB
February 25 - Roof of the ventilation building
March 6 - Vent building from the surface
March 6 - Vent building from the surface

RC works for the bridge landing beside the vent building. The escalators from the bridge will come down here

4. Cooling tower & Cut and Cover Ventilation Building
Cladding works have just commenced at the cooling tower and grates are in the process of covering up the cooling units.

February 25 - Cooling tower (still exposed)
March 6 - Reinstatement works beside the cooling tower
March 6 - Cooling Tower (Falseworks have mummified the opening where the cooling units have been inserted)
March 6 - C&C Ventilation Building
March 6 - C&C Ventilation Building
February 25 - Overview of the integrated structure

5. Reinstated C&C tunnel
Some pictures of the backfilled cripple siding tunnel which has since been reinstated, and additional aerial photos of the contract zone.

February 25
February 25
March 6
February 25
February 25

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