Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sixth Avenue Superstructures

At the Sixth Avenue site, we review the progress of the 3 superstructures on the surface. Aerial and ground pictures were taken on February 25 and March 6 respectively.

1. Main Entrance cum Cooling Tower
At present, RC works are still at the first level with a slower progression as compared to KAP. As with Little India, Stevens and King Albert Park, the station design features an integration of the cooling tower and main entrance into one combined structure due to space constraints.

Due to this integration and the former delay in progress, Sixth Avenue is currently the only station within the Downtown Line 2 yet to have its cooling unit fitted and installed. It is noteworthy that this is also the only station yet to have backfilled despite the roof slab completed.

Aerial view of C917A, Sixth Avenue
Main Entrance

Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Main Entrance

2. Entrance B & New Turf Club Road
Casting works have completed at Entrance B and majority of the formwork have been striked. The roof of the entrance is currently being waterproofed. 2 trees along the canal bank have been wrapped with a red/white tape in preparations for felling works to clear a horizontal path for the Pedestrian Overhead Bridge. Road surfacing has just commenced along the new Turf Club Road and we can expect an opening by next month.

*The 2 trees have been felled and road surfacing has completed as of March 5.

New Turf Club Road and Entrance B to the right of the picture

3. Ventilation Building
RC works on this structure is progressing on par with the main entrance. The structure is currently mummified with falsework and reinforced bars. Casting should take place by April.

Ventilation building

Roof Slab of station
Roof Slab

Launch Shaft

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