Thursday, 19 March 2015

Stevens Superstructure

Upon completion of hacking of the temporary diaphragm wall, the slip road at Stevens have been permanently realigned back in Christmas last year. The remaining structure along exterior face of the entrance has been cast. M&E works are currently underway within the superstructure. The new drain culvert that will run parallel to the entrance is being formed too. Architectural works should commence around the middle of the year.

Due to the tight space constraint at the site, reinstatement works which includes the reopening of Robin Walk as well as the permanent bus bay is only expected to take place nearer to the completion of the project, in the later part of the year.

Photos in this update were taken on March 13.

Downtown Line entrance to the Stevens Station

Drain culvert rebar works
Cooling tower

Entrance to the station. The flood protection stairway has yet to be constructed

Escalators inside the entrance

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