Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Gardens Superstructures

The steel roof of the Botanic Gardens station entrance was assembled back in Christmas last year, shortly after the previous update. Steel L-shaped fixtures for the sheltered linkways leading from the entrance, as well as the drop off bay have also been constructed over the past month. Both ventilation building and cooling tower have been painted brown, as believed to be the station's themed livery. The cooling tower has been cladded as well.

Reinstatement works have also commenced, with the footpath alongside the future widened road constructed. The road should be widened by the 3rd quarter.

March 16 - Aerial view of the 3 completed superstructures
Mar 13 - Drop off bay
Mar 13 - Drop off bay
Mar 13 - Cooling Tower
Mar 16 - Reconstructed concrete footpath running alongside the superstructures, parallel to the future road
Mar 16 - Cooling Tower
The cooling units can be seen to the left inside the grates
Mar 13 - Station Entrance
Mar 16 - Station Entrance
The L-frames for the sheltered linkway leading from the entrance to the drop off bay
The site of the linkway to the Circle Line is more or less cleared and is expected to be handed back to NParks
Aerial View

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