Saturday, 13 December 2014

King Albert Park Backfilled

Works are now halfway through the duration of Blackmore Drive's closure, with reinstatement works taking place on the road curb. The superstructure of the King Albert Park exit has also surfaced where the deck road used to be. On the opposite side of the road, the team is still allowing time for the ground to settle before commencing any structural works on the POB.

Photos were taken on Dec 6.

King Albert Park worksite

The exit is surfacing
No sign of structural works at Exit B at the moment
Ventilation shaft across the road


  1. Nice update. Are there any photos from inside the station?

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Alex. As of now we still have not had a recent glimpse of the interior. Am equally keen to see the inside and will certainly make an update when the opportunity arises.

    2. Hi, we will just have to wait then. Thanks again.

    3. Hi Nethaniel, also look forward any updates on pics and maybe current schedule for KAP station. Believe many residents from several condos around this station will also be as keen as I am to watch and why not cheer for the progress of it:)

  2. I am residing at Bukit Regency, not far from the BW station. I am an ardent photographer and I am offering my service free of charge to take photos inside the station and surrounding. Would be happy to share with everyone in your blog after you give the clearance. Contact me:


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