Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hillview - Flyover

Amidst the congested site at Hillview, the flyover has begun to take shape with the columns in place. The entire flyover will be supported by a total of 11 columns. Over to the north side near Dairy Farm, the southbound Upper Bukit Timah Road (UBTR) has also been recently realigned into its final alignment alongside the flyover. Column 4 is being formed while 5 and 6 are completed. Columns 7 and 8 are also being erected towards the center.

At the south side closer to Hillview, the new paved road for the northbound UBTR is almost completed. This temporary realignment pushes the road to one side so works on the flyover landing can commence. Works will begin on columns 9, 10 and 11 once the road has been diverted.

Station progress
The vent building and cooling tower has completed its superstructure formwork. Escalators have been installed into the northbound exit, with the structure temporarily covered with a sheet roof. The southbound exit is still stagnant in progress since August.

Hillview Station. The bitumen layer for the new southbound UBTR at the intersection of Hillview Road can be seen.
Closeup of the station's superstructures and column 8 of the flyover
Drawing of the flyover columns location and the road network upon reinstatement
Columns 4 and 5 of the flyover at the intersection of Dairy Farm
Column 4 forming

Closeup of the station's superstructures.

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