Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Cut and Cover Reinstates

The TKK cut and cover site is currently staging a final reinstatement of the track field at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). The field is being temporarily hoarded up over the school holidays while the project team facilitate the realignment of the track. Landscaping works are also being carried out on the slope. 

Back at the station, the substructure of the entrance is almost completed as the staircase begins to form. We should see the entrance beginning to surface after CNY. At Watten Estate, entrance B has been structurally completed. Not shown in this update, piling works have just commenced for the bridge's column along the canal bank, while the escalators have been fitted into entrance B (Dec 22).

Fatality Accident
In a tragic and unfortunate mishap that went unreported last month , a worker was electrocuted by a power cable on the night of November 13 when he was hacking hardened concrete at the platform. He was not aware that the hardened concrete had covered a cable powering a temporary pump. The said concrete had dropped from the casting of the concourse opening 3 weeks before and he was assigned to clear the area after the removal of the falsework. He was pronounced dead by SCDF personnel at 11.30pm. We offer our sincere condolences to the Chinese worker involved in the fatality. 

Reinstatement of track at HCI over the cut and cover tunnel
Formwork for the entrance's staircase is underway, seen beside the JP Nelson crane
Entrance B (December 6)
Entrance B (December 15)
Preparations to pile the POB's intermediate column (December 15)

Entrance B
Entrance B
Main entrance

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