Thursday, 27 February 2014

February Tunnel Progress (2)

S602 has concluded soil improvement works however still stuck outside the Cascadia at over 200 rings. The soil is terribly soft and unstable in this sector hence the repetitive chemical grouting over the course of the last 2 months. Tunnelling works shall resume in about 10 days.

S603 at 687 rings (Feb 26, ~69% completed)
TBM has slowed down to around 2-3 rings a day due to granite. The granite formation shall persist for another 50m till it reaches the Bukit Timah First Diversion Canal. An April breakthrough still stands.

S604 at 629 rings (Feb 26, ~96% completed)
TBM made immense progress in the middle of March. There was a day it cast a whopping 8 rings during the day shift. Currently underpassing the existing CCL tunnels, breakthrough is scheduled within the first week of March.

S605 at 375 rings (Feb 2, ~56% completed) 
Tunnelling has slowed down in this sector as well. An April breakthrough seems likely.

Photos of 608's final breakthrough at Queen St shaft. Lifting of machine to the surface is scheduled after a week.
Breakthrough of EP bound tunnel
Hoisting the receiving cradle into position
Photo Credits - สัญญา เจ้าลืม


  1. Wished there was a Queen St Shaft pic up there which overlooks into the DTL 1 overrun D:

    1. This photo shows the extent of the Queen Street shaft, between the DTL1 and DTL2 sections:

      You will not able to see the tunnels clearly from this vantage point, as this is facing towards the shaft opening at street level while the running tunnels sit directly below Rochor Road.


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