Thursday, 6 March 2014

S604 Breakthroughs

DTL2 Tunnel Chart for March

S604 has just docked at Botanic Gardens this afternoon after having completed it's drive from TKK station. This is the second last BP bound tunnel to complete within stage 2 of the Downtown Line. Below shows a short flashback of the machine from delivery when the project was still under Alpine. More photos on the breakthrough will be updated.
TBM arrives by ship to the port
Parts are delivered to Eng Neo for storage due to delays in the launch shaft excavation
Gantry Crane appears on site in September 2012
S604 and S605's signature yellow cutterhead at the Eng Neo holding site in November 2012
Main shield gets delivered to the TKK launch shaft in January 2013
More sections of the TBM arrives
Cradle arrives at the launch shaft
Backup Gantries progressively arrive after the shields are lowered
Lowering of middle shield in Jan 2013
Cutterhead with attached conveyor is followed
Preparations for launch in March 2013

Back-up gantries for the TBM trailing into the station area
Tunnelling works hasten after takeover by SK E&C. Photo taken at R100 in the direction of BTN. Slurry pipes on the right.

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