Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Tunnel Progress (1)

C917A (Yellow sector completed by Alpine)
S602 still undergoing grouting outside the Cascadia, at over 200 rings. This will certainly be the last BP bound tunnel to complete within Stage 2, with an expected breakthrough only after June.
S603 at 605 rings (Feb 5, ~61% completed) TBM is quickly inching towards SAV. Expected breakthrough April.

S604 at 501 rings (Feb 3, ~76% completed) Expected breakthrough end March
S605 at 344 rings (Feb 2, ~51% completed) Ether BTN or SAV would see the final EP bound breakthrough as both machines seem likely to complete tunelling within a similar time span with under 400 rings more to cast. Expected breakthrough April

S608 is about 2 rings away from breakthrough and is scheduled to complete its Expo bound drive by this week. Detailed update to come.

TBM2 is now at 295 Rings. As mentioned in the previous post, the main body of the machine is currently underpassing the CTE portal at Upp Cross St. Advancing around 3 rings each day its most likely to reach its reception at Chinatown early March.
TBM undercrossing the CTE portals

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