Saturday, 22 February 2014

DTL2 Civil Team 1 Update

As in the preceding post, we explained about the division of Downtown Line Stage 2 (DTL2) into two civil construction teams and featured the progress of Civil Team 2. In this update, we continue with the progress updates for Civil Team 1.


Works are beginning on the permanent structure of the exit with the concrete formwork being placed ahead of concrete pouring. The escalators have been installed some time back and are covered with tarp and a metal roofing. The lift shaft is taking shape visibly as it currently stands alone to the side of the future exit.

Back-filling has completed over the entire station roof slab as well. The vent shafts have completed their concrete pouring and the structures stand proud, waiting to be fitted out.


With the noise barrier taken down, works have shifted to rediverting the northbound carriageway of Upper Bukit Timah Road. This will carry the section of road over the former worksite, enabling the southbound carriageway to be diverted in a few months time, allowing work to commence on the station exits and ventilation shafts.

Junction with Dairy Farm Rd showing a new set of traffic lights to the right.
Workers marking out lanes, painting the curb and cleaning up the site before it is put to use.

The junction with Hillview Rd.

A view of the re-diverted Upper Bukit Timah Rd northbound carriageway


Gantry cranes are still being used to transport materials such as rebar down as the roof slab is being cast. Concrete pouring is still on-going as the shell station box nears completion ahead of back-filling. We expect there to be exit stubs and ventilation buildings at the site once structural completion is near, similar to Bukit Brown station on the Circle Line.

An overview of the site looking from the north

Rebar visible just below the surface

Beauty World

Work is progressing swiftly at the temporary staging area for Alstom with rails now coming on site. Also delivered are a works locomotive and a flatbed car for transporting the rail segments to be laid along the tunnel. A crawler crane is also on site near the temporary access shaft.

20 February 2014
Photo credit - Vmsamy Vmsamy

20 February 2014
Photo credit - Vmsamy Vmsamy

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