Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sixth Avenue

Sixth Avenue and King Albert Park are currently trailing behind in progress with casting works still going on beneath the surface. Superstructure of the entrances and vent shafts will not appear until a further 4-6 months. As the Expo bound tunnel was competed first, the tunnel has achieved BSC with the first stage concrete, allowing for trackworks to proceed from KAP to Sixth Avenue and ultimately reach Botanic Gardens.

Track laying into the Expo Bound tunnel between SAV and TKK C&C
A render of how the Sixth Avenue station entrance will look like with connecting Pedestrian Overhead Bridge.
Sixth Avenue station

View from street level
Main entrance
Main entrance
The new construction site access across Fourth Avenue can be seen in the right background
Entrance B via the future POB landing along Dunearn Road. The site has already been cleared.
POB connection across both roads in the future. The trees that are in the way will be felled soon.

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