Monday, 8 September 2014


Alongside Hume, Hillview has almost been completely backfilled. The openings for the future 2 exits and ventilation shafts are prominent, exposing the substructures which have risen all the way up to the surface level. For the entrance along the northbound side of the road, a road diversion would be needed before the entrance can begin to form. It is believed that works will proceed for the flyover to be done first, before the final alignment of the northbound road can be reinstated - allowing for the entrance to form.

Site Overview
Hillview station
Prominent openings of the Northbound and Southbound entrances
Dairy Farm side of the flyover
Hillview side of the flyover
Northbound entrance
Southbound Entrance infront of the Salvation Army
Vent Shaft infront of John Wesley Ctr
Columns for the flyover are forming

A render of Hillview station entrance along the southbound Upper Bukit Timah Road
Dairy Farm side of the flyover. The future southbound slip road is in the making and diversion for the permanent road will take place around year end.
Hillview side of the flyover
Completed northbound POB landing

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