Monday, 22 September 2014

Bukit Timah Road Realigns

Many changes have taken place across the various DTL2 sites over the last couple of days. This dedicated post would consolidate all the new developments.

One of the most significant milestone in the project timeline, C920 has completed its last phase of traffic diversion at the Newton site - the first DTL2 project to have done so. The slip road has been reconstructed over the backfilled launch shaft ahead of the projected Q4 2014 timeframe indicated on the road signages. Having diverted back the road, land is freed up to construct up the remaining segments of the entrance. Steel frames for the future walkway ramp has begun to form.
Reinstated Bukit Timah Road. Do note that the bus stop location is temporary.

Here is the recently completed escape shaft at Ferrell Residences. The site is temporary hoarded up.
Escape Shaft
C919 will be carrying out one final traffic diversion at Stevens. This is for the hacking of the d-wall located below the existing road. Unlike the initial diversion back in 2011, the presence of the station superstructure now imposes an incredible site constraint. The road has been positioned and surfaced right up to the edge of the structure. The diversion will be carried out this Thursday.
Diversion works

Managed to get a glimpse of the entrance escalators being lowered down prior to road diversion preps as I was walking by the week before. A rare sighting.
September 12
September 12 - Escalator segment going down the entrance
Tan Kah Kee
Following the achievement of BSC for the expo bound tunnel to BTN, the final standalone gantry crane for DTL2 has been dismantled at the TKK launch shaft. Backfilling of the shaft will begin at once.

More photos below.


  1. Hi there,

    Wonder if could share what is the expected completion date for stage 2 based on current progress to date as per project manager? I.e. While officially the expected completion is 2016, wonder what the current schedule of activities to date and projected put most likely completion as of today. Cheers!

  2. Hi Milton Sato, based on our observations, especially at the 3 stations that are behind schedule, i.e. TKK, SAV and KAP, we believe that the station structure will take another 8-9months to complete. Taking into consideration of another 5-6months for architectural and M&E works, and another 3months of testing, the opening date will still be in 1H2016, barring any additional delays. We do not have any actual updated schedule from the PMs.

    1. Hi Wei Kiang, makes sense and noted about the observation that timeframe might change in event of delays. Have a great weekend.


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