Wednesday, 3 September 2014

King Albert Park

Sixth Avenue and King Albert Park are currently trailing behind in progress with casting works still going on beneath the surface. Superstructure of the entrances and vent shafts will not appear until a further 4-6 months.

A render of the main entrance at KAP
King Albert Park station

Noise Shed with Maplewoods in the background
Gantry Crane over the future ventilation shaft

Future entrance B via POB landing at Dunearn Road
Sewer diversions on going
Future POB will span across the existing road

Future Entrance


  1. When will they revert Blackmore drive to its original location?

    1. Yes they will. The reinstatement should take place early next year.

    2. Thanks so much for the update. This blog rocks:)

  2. Hi Alexander,

    Further details about the progress of King Albert Park not reported in the post:
    - 80% of the station structure has been cast
    - Following this, they will begin to back fill the soil over the station once waterproofing is done
    - Sewer works are going on the facilitate the construction of Entrance B outside Sime Darby building

    1. Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the extra info. I can see that at some points the station structure has almost reached street level (on the corner of Bukit Timah Road and Blackmore). I hoped for some pictures from inside, maybe next time?

      Also enjoyed the Sixth Av. update.

      Regards to all..

    2. No problem Alexander. Unfortunately, some sections are harder to procure photos of. King Albert Park is one of those, especially since the site itself is pretty tight and closed off via the acoustics shed. We'll hope for a more in-depth update in time. Thanks for the support & feedback. Much appreciated.


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