Friday, 30 January 2015

Downtown Line 2

As the Downtown Line 2 progresses closer to its completion, the public will begin to notice considerable amount of changes to the site landscape on the surface, with the introduction of aesthetics fittings and mechanical/electrical installations to the superstructures. A short consolidated update today tracks the progress of the DTL2 over the first few weeks of 2015, prior to the next quarterly-update which me and WK hope to commence right after CNY.

January 23 - Reinstatement at Newton with the newly opened bus bay

C912 Bukit Panjang 
Structural works on the major components of the flyover have completed with the beam segment across the intersection launched up. The northbound Woodlands Road in front of Junction 10 has been diverted to its finalized alignment as a slip road, as the team completes the remaining section of the flyover landing.

C913 Cashew & Hillview
Cladding works have commenced at the entrance of Cashew. In addition, preparatory works seem to be underway for the road realignment of Upper Bukit Timah Road. At Hillview, road closures are taking place on several nights for the beam launching works for the flyover.

C917A King Albert Park & Sixth Avenue
Rebar for the main entrance at King Albert Park has been tied up reasonably close to the bridge level, reaching the expected ceiling of the entrance superstructure. A mobile crane with a boom extension was seen working on the entrance last week in what would be considered a rare occurrence as they are hardly ever utilized on an underground rail project, which does not usually require lifting works to high elevation. 

Aside from the structure of the entrance, rebar for the POB column along Bt Timah Road is seen erected. A mobile crane has also been positioned at Entrance B across the road, where piling works on the POB landing are due to commence soon. The hoardings in front of Casa Esperanza and Maplewoods are progressively being taken down too.

At Sixth Avenue, utility diversions are being carried out by SP along Dunearn Road at the intersection of Turf Club Road for the road widening works in accommodation of the Sixth Avenue station's Entrance B. The entrance is progressing well with casting works almost completed up to the roof level. Across the road, rebar is seen protruding out of the cooling tower and entrance where the superstructures are beginning to surface upwards.

January 28 - Piling for the TKK POB columns
C918A Tan Kah Kee 
Similar to Sixth Avenue, the rebar for the main entrance is also coming up here. Piling works have commenced along the POB columns at the Bt Timah canal bank, while the columns along Dunearn are being cast upwards.

February 3 - TKK
February 3 - Vent shaft and main entrance close up
February 3 - Entrance close up

Entrance B and columns along Dunearn
Columns along Dunearn
January 28 - Piling for the TKK POB columns
January 28 - Columns along the Dunearn bank in scaffolding, with the bridge landing in the background

C919 Botanic Gardens
The steel segments of the roof of the entrance were lifted up and installed shortly after our previous update in December. The cooling tower is also covered up with grates, and a fresh coat of white paint is seen on the south face of the huge tower, prominent to motorists travelling by the site.

C920 Newton
The new bus bay at the station has opened earlier than anticipated, however still utilizing a temporary bus shelter while the permanent one is still in the midst of construction. Several M/E cables and pipes have been installed around the walls of the cooling tower which is also being covered up with grates. A huge signage of the public transport logo is being fitted at the top of the main entrance. Cladding works are also underway here.

January 23 - Cooling tower fitted with grates
January 23 - Entrance
Opening of new bus bay

C921 Rochor 
The ventilation building and cooling tower have been mummified by scaffolding, similar to the state of the Little India structures. Aesthetic works on the structures are presumed to be taking place beneath.

January 23 - Vent building
January 23 - Main entrnace
January 23 - Cooling tower

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