Monday, 19 January 2015

3 Tunnels To Go

The 4th final TBM for the Downtown Line broke through the walls of the Tampines Central Station this afternoon. The completed Bukit Panjang Bound tunnel was among two drives executed by GS under C925, which faced numerous setbacks during the early phase of the tunnelling works along the Expo Bound tunnel due to the discrepancy between the excavation progress of the launch shaft and adjacent cut and cover tunnels which were meant to house the backup gantries. Due to the lack of space during the circumstance back then, a muck pump system was proposed by GS with an aim to reduce time loss to the project, however at the expense of a slight increment in cost - which was ultimately approved by the LTA.

The technology brought about great success for GS nonetheless, and today's significant breakthrough marks the end of excavation works for the 10 tunnels they've bored along the Downtown Line projects. 3 tunnels remain within C926 along the Tampines West sector.

DTL3 January Tunnel Chart
Breakthrough of BP bound tunnel at Tampines Central 
Breakthrough of BP bound tunnel at Tampines Central 

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