Saturday, 23 August 2014

Little India

M&E and Architectural works are in full swing within the Little India station.
Entrance E and F are new additions to the interchange under the DTL project. Also included are A&A works to Entrance A and C for the construction of lift shafts. Piling and Excavation works are currently underway respectively. Drawn by Seloloving, SkyscraperCity
Architecture works above the platform level
Entrance F and E over the new backfilled Rochor canal

Backfilled Canal
Entrance F. A second layer of hoardings is being erected within the site area, prompting a possible partial surface reinstatement soon
Entrance F
Entrance E
Entrance E integrated with Entrance B
Excavation at Entrance C
M&E works inside the station
Architectural works progressing in July

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