Monday, 25 August 2014


Following the partial reinstatement of Bukit Timah Road in June, the remaining structure of the entrance and vent shaft have begun to form. The launch shaft have almost been completely backfilled and a future pavement can be seen forming. The full road reinstatement should take place by year end. The escape shaft at City Towers also has the POB landing reconstructed.

Newton station - Drawn by Seloloving, Skyscrapercity

A render of what the Newton station exit will look like, done by SAA Architects.
The structure of Entrance C taking shape 
Entrance C
Ventilation Shaft
The roads split to envelope the launch shaft
May 17 - Picture after the road was reinstated
August 22
May 17 - Gantry Crane still standing over the launch shaft (BP side)
May 17 - Launch Shaft pit which has since been backfilled
August 22 - Launch shaft
Escape Shaft

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