Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tan Kah Kee

The roof slab of the station has been completed at Tan Kah Kee and the excavation pits have been covered. The entrance can be seen in the pictures and the superstructure will be coming up from the 4th quarter onwards.
Backfilled C&C tunnels
Drawn by Seloloving, Skyscrapercity
Photo of TKK in Q4 2012. The excavation pits can be seen by the STP
Existing photo of the site which has been backfilled
Bukit Panjang bound tunnel from TKK C&C to Sixth Avenue
Inside the C&C cripple siding
Above the backfilled C&C tunnels. Land will ultimately be reinstated back for HCI's field (background)
C&C towards station side backfilled till S1 layer
Launch Shaft in the background
Future Entrance
Launch Shaft
Peek into the entrance sub structure through the launch shaft
Launch shaft to BTN
Herrenknecht slurry treatment plant

Vent shaft superstructure forming outside the site office
A render of how the Tan Kah Kee station exit will look like, done by Ong & Ong.
Site has been cleared to pave the way for a new POB that will connect to Watten Park
Trench works for the future escalator landing
Bridge to be completed by Jan 2016
Future POB beam to be launched over Dunearn side
The future POB landing at Watten Park

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