Friday, 10 January 2014

DT4 sneak peek

Map by LTA

Have you ever wondered where the code DT4 went to? Well, we explain more after the jump.

The code is reserved for a future station much like how on the North-South Line (NSL) codes NS6 and NS13 are absent, on the North-East Line (NEL) code NE2 is absent and on the Circle Line (CCL) code CC18 is missing. The difference between this project and other lines like NSL and NEL is that, similar to CCL, provisions have been made for a station here with the basic structure being built to cut down waiting time in future when the station is eventually commissioned.

DT4 station is located at the junction of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Hume Avenue. As such, the station is likely to be named Hume. It sits approximately 700m south of Hillview station and about 1.8km north of Beauty World station.

Render by Jurong Primewide

For now though, the structure of the station is being built as a cut-and-cover box which will be able to be commissioned as a station in future. The above render by Jurong Primewide shows you an idea of how the station would look like in years to come when it is finally decided to be completed (the process of topping off). Layout-wise, it is similar to the photos seen of Hillview and Cashew stations.

Like Bukit Brown station (CC18) on the CCL, the station will be structurally complete with only the interior finishings and fittings to be installed - like the Platform Screen Doors, Ticket Vending Machines, Escalators and Elevators. The pictures below show the completed tunnels with the island platform being hoarded up (unlike other stations on Downtown Line 2 so far - Little India, Newton, Hillview). Work continues in the hoarded up area where the underplatform level is being cast. Also visible is the struts being removed to allow for further concrete casting at the upper levels of the station.

Installation of utility brackets along completed
running tunnel

Hoarded up platform area is visible on the right of the
running tunnel

Works on the Under Platform Level continue behind the hoarding

A view of the Platform and Under Platform Levels from the
Concourse Level. Hoarding is visible and the running tunnels
are behind them.

Removal of strutting for further concrete casting at upper levels

Photo credit - Mellior Cynthia Villarojo

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