Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tunnel Update

An overview of the progress of the remaining tunnels for stage 2:

C917A S603 at 530 rings (Jan 24, ~54% completed) TBM is progressing at a whopping speed of 10~12 rings each day. Tunnelling could complete within the next 2-3 months. 
603 beneath the junction of swiss club road
S602 over 200 rings. Soil improvement works are being carried out outside the Nexus.

S604 at 467 rings (Jan 21, ~71% completed) 
TBM is now under PUB's DTSS, grouting works have ceased near the slip road. Expected breakthrough early March.

S605 at 294 rings (Jan 22, ~44% completed)TBM has crossed the canal and is edging along Dunearn Underpass. Expected breakthrough mid March
S605 route
TBM churning beneath the canal
S608 at 184 rings (Jan 23, ~87% completed)
28 Rings to go. Expected breakthrough after CNY.

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