Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sixth Avenue flashback

Sixth Avenue station is located at the junction of Bukit Timah Road and Fourth Avenue. The station sits on the site of a former police force depot which has given way for road diversions to construct the simple two-basement single-entrance station. Here are a few photos chronicling the construction of the station thus far.

12 December 2010 - Road diversion works at the Eng Neo Avenue junction in full swing

12 December 2010 - Many storage containers sitting on the original alignment of Bukit Timah Road

08 May 2011 - Construction site hoarding along Bukit Timah Road to construct the diaphragm walls

08 May 2011 - The u-turn before the Eng Neo Junction was kept open through most of the diaphragm wall works

08 May 2011 - Clam-shell grabbing machine on site at the Eng Neo junction

08 May 2011 - Used augers for secant bored pile works, usually where the TBM will breakthrough
13 March 2012 - Secant bored pile works going on

13 March 2012 - Struts being installed

16 December 2012 - Reception shaft for TBM S-617 from Tan Kah Kee
16 December 2012
16 December 2012
16 December 2012
16 December 2012
16 December 2012
16 December 2012
16 December 2012 - 6 layers of struts here

16 December 2012

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