Saturday, 21 December 2013

Grout, Grout and more Grouting

So here's the long-yearned update for the 2 TBMs between KAP and SAV. S602 (BP bound) is making slow progress, though the soil beneath isn't terrible enough to initiate ground improvement works. This TBM is directly beneath the electronic speed limit signboard outside the corners of Maplewoods at present. S602 is at 127 rings, advancing only 91 rings since Sep 21.

S603 is the leading machine. Previously mentioned that the centre carriageway above has been cordoned off to facilitate grouting (in purple), a second round of grouting is now taking place right after the machine advanced another 20~25 rings (in red). The bank is particularly soft in this area, and the contractors are doing their best to avoid the ground from loosening, potentially settling the road into the canal.

Chemical grouting machine and truck attached with crash attenuator above the surface of S603
Advanced work notice on electronic display posted up 2km away from the affected region

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