Saturday, 14 December 2013

Jalan Besar update

After many months, the TBMs at Jalan Besar are ready to churn and eat away the earth, leaving behind a trail of tunnel rings assembled for the Downtown Line 3 (DTL3). The acoustic shelter is finally up and almost done while preparatory works continue under the sound-proofed shed.

A view of the acoustic shed seen in the background along
Jalan Besar

The acoustic shed helps to keep the noise generated from construction works to a minimum as it is contained within the shed. This enables work to continue around the clock despite the close proximity to homes and shops right next door. A similar set up can be found at the King Albert Park station site where the shed spans nearly the entire construction site. The shed also enables bright lighting to be used without causing too much glare to the residents nearby.

A view of the shed which is nearly complete from Weld Road.
A close up showing the single gantry crane inside as opposed to King Albert Park's twin gantry cranes
The front of the acoustic shed almost completed
A view inside shows the muck pit being set up. This is where the spoil (earth excavated by the TBM) will be dumped.

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